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Truffle facts


the price of the truffles are not as high as gold,however, some of them can cost 2 000 euro, but only 50 grams is enough for a delicious dinner for four,

how to search…

it is mainly collected be the help of well trained dogs, searching with pigs is not very comfortable,

how to use…

it is better not to cook truffles to avoid the disappearance of fragrances.


How to prepare truffles in the kitchen

Truffles are used as spices in the kitchen therefore only small quantities are enough to season a dish. Better to avoid cooking as they lose their typical fragrance when heating.

Truffles could be called as a ‘carpe diem’ food as they are the best when fresh. When freezing, drying or canning, they lose all their unique aromas. Avoid storing them in the fridge for weeks. However, an overnight company of some fresh eggs can result in truffled eggs for a breakfast.

The simplest recipe for truffle seasoning is to make truffled butter: clean the truffles (don’t peel just brush in water), grate them to butter, mix and use as seasoned butter for toasts, pastas or meat dishes.