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Truffle cultivation

Truffles are symbionts, connected to roots of trees of the moderate climate. They help plants in water and nutrient uptake. Although the Hungarian truffle yield is harvested in natural places (forests), numerous truffle plantations exists, some of them are already producing truffles. When cultivating truffles, seedlings mycorrhized with truffles are planted into neutral or slightly basic, lime and organic matter rich soils of good water management. After planting, truffle mycelium starts growing and after 4-8 years, the first fruit bodies appear. Fruiting time depends on the vigour of the host plant: faster growing hazelnuts produce truffles sooner, while oaks and lime trees give truffle fruits later. Truffle harvest is recommended to realize with the help of trained dogs, not disturbing the soil and indicating only mature fruit bodies. Truffle yield can vary from 30-200 kg/hectare/season for a time period of 25-40 years, which can be sold on the price of 100-200 euro/kg on the market.